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Unique ways to support small businesses during the pandemic

Small businesses have faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. As the COVID-19 pandemic wore on throughout the year, small businesses...

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Shopping locally is now more crucial than ever

The importance of shopping locally has been emphasized with increasing urgency in recent years. Events like Small Business Saturday and...

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How local businesses can boost their online presence

A thriving online presence is important for businesses big and small. While it once was customary to look up a company in a business...

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The environmental impact of shopping local

Shopping at locally owned businesses benefits everyone from local business owners to the people they employ to the communities where they...

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How small businesses can support and help each other grow

Small businesses play a vital role in economies across the globe. The Small Business Administration says small businesses — which are...

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3 customer service practices that can make consumers happy

In 2009, a handful of protest songs posted to YouTube created quite a stir. After their guitars were mishandled and damaged while traveling...

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